Community sensitization program in India -Let the world speak!

LET THE WORLD SPEAK ", an event that took place just because " WE DID BELIEVE". It was the day that we under stood, no matter how worst the circumstances are, it's always that small inner voice who gets the thing done, and if you got a large group of people who've got the same inner voice, then you could even take down a rain!

Even though people around said, "program is going to be a mess, because of the rain", we saw it as "THE NATURE SPEAKING".
It was a sensitization program organized by Blindrocks! in collaboration with two Indian non governmental social organizations, Sahridhaya , Jyothirgamaya ..
It was organized on September 28th at the Shanghamugham beach.
Th basic purpose being, to remove the gap that our community created, dividing the community into handicapped and non handicaps. We saw it in people present there that, from within the heart they never wanted to keep this gap, but keeping it as if it is something that was giving by their ancestors.The program was a great success for all three organizations.
People from different parts of the globe, that is, the 2014 Kanthari participants spoke on various issues, relating to disability and marginalization, and about their social projects, and their way of creating social change.
The program was inaugurated by IPS Rishi Raj Singh, who despite his busy schedule, and the unfavorable climate, still kept his faith in us, and graced the occasion with his presence.
Two renowned social workers Mr.Brhama Nayakam Mahadevan, and Mrs.Vimala Menon, also graced the occasion with their presence, and all three guests shared their words of wisdom.
Sabriye tenberken founder of kanthari, was also present, and she provided her support and encouragement to all of us.
The inspirational fiery, and breath taking speeches were followed by the captivating dance performances of the Manthra dance group, and of course Sristi KC the founder of Blind rocks and one of the program organizers.
More spice and fire was brought to the evening by the lively and energetic performances of the three musical bands, Dark prophecy, Wind project, and Obscure incarnation. — at shangumugam beach-trivandrum,kerala.

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