Become a mentor

Are you interested in assisting us at blindrocks in our Endeavour of effectively running this unique social project, and in creating ethical social change?.

One of the most effective ways you can channel your support towards blindrocks in its  continuous efforts in making a difference in the lives of the blind worldwide, is through sharing your personal and professional experiences, expertise, and valuable advice with us. If you have relevant skills that you would like to share with us please consider being a mentor.

Mentoring can focus on many areas from; fundraising, creating business plans, giving unique and innovative ideas and valuable advice on the training methods and on subjects relating to various forms of art and dance, outreach programmes, team building, implementing new projects, management, PR, All skills are welcome. 

Mentors have at least 3 years of relevant work experience and are able to communicate regularly via email and Skype.

The mentoring program is a volunteer program for those that are willing and able to donate their time and experiences to support blindrocks

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