Dance, Fashion and Beauty


Dance workshop will be tailored to the blind, empowering them to dance together with their sighted peers. A few basic dance moves will be taught that are helpful for them during social gatherings. Additionally they will be exposed to Bollywood and Nepali folk dances.

Choreography and dance performance can also be included depending on the requirement of the audience. Workshops focusing on fashion and beauty will empower the blind to access the latest fashion and cosmetics. Special skills will be taught for identifying new clothes, appropriate clothing for specific occasions, and proper application of makeup. These skills will boost their self-esteem and propel them to engage in society.

The culmination of the workshop will be with a fashion show by the blind and sighted.

Fashion and Beauty :

It is said that the more physically attractive and socially skillful we are, the easier it is to interact with others. It is not a must but we should at least be aware of that when the need comes. Up-to-date hair styles, appropriate and skillfully applied make-up and recognition of attractive dress up can be mysterious for the blind who have no one to help fill these important gaps in their knowledge.
People think that blind people do not care about their fashion style or make-up and that they aren't capable of being up to date in regards to trends.
We enable the blind by providing access to the latest fashion, trends  and styles. They should be able to go to shopping malls, choose their clothing with confidence and use cosmetics skillfully.
For this we will be inviting fashion designers and beautician, who will be training the participants on pedicure, Manicure, make ups and use of cosmetics in combination of clothing etc. We believe that this will help to build the self-steam of the blind. We also urge to organize fashion show with and for the blind.