Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation

 Nepal Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation activities  done by Blind rocks

  • As the first step of our little effort to help Earthquake victims, we Blind rocks! and SAWADAN team distributed relief material (sanitary items, food, and clothes) to locals of Mijar tole of Changu Narayan.Similarly, we are delighted that we got a chance to help, Mr.Prahlad Thapa(Blind) and his family, whose house was destroyed by an earthquake, with some important immediate daily stuff.Thanks to our kind volunteers and donors!



  • When the going gets tough, tough gets going. #Blindrocks! together with #SAWDAN team continued its support campaign for the #earthquake victims at Majhi Gaun, Melamchi in Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. The road for support was not easy but that was satisfying when we could at least bring a little smile in some needy faces through our small effort.... Thank you all the volunteers and donors for your wonderful support... Together We Can




  • We Blindrocks! and SAWDAN team went to following three direct victims of earthquake and supported them with some food stuff. Gyanu Maharjhan, a single mother who is blind lost her home in recent earthquake.with an earning of Rs.2000 per month, it's difficult for her to run life as well as to raise her school going, son.Gopal Tamang (low vision) another victim, also lost his home.It's hard for him to arrange daily needs for his five membered families.
    Ganesh kc has his both hands paralyzed.His wife is ill and weak and the couple has two sons.The family does not have any source of income and their only place of survival, a wrecked house was completely destroyed by an earthquake.
    Thanks to our kind donors and volunteers!Together We Can.


  • In collaboration with Bright stars society, yesterday we distributed mosquito nets, radio and clothes to students of Sanjeevani blind school, Dhulikhel Kavre. After that, Blind rocks! and SAWDAN team headed towards Paanchkhal to provide food stuff and clothes to 10 households of people with disability as our small effort of relief to #earthquake victims.Thanks to our kind donors and volunteers!Together we can!



  • We #Blindrocks! and #SAWDAN team, reached Khokana, Lalitpur to provide some food stuff and clothes as our small effort of relief to the 10 families of people with disability(most of them suffer from paralysis).As most of the houses are destructed by the earthquake, people are living all together under few tents.



  • We #Blindrocks! team in collaboration with #Brightstarsocietysuccessfully conducted health camp at Tinpiple,kavre for more than hundred individuals.The camp provide a free health check up and medicines to the people of #earthquake affected area.
    Similarly, locating the fifty families of people with disability, we distributed sanitary items, clothes and mosquito nets.
    Thanks to our kind donors and volunteers.Together we can!



  •  We reached Tin Piple,Kavre where In collaboration with #Brightstarsociety, we organized follow-up health camp. similarly, we distributed supplementary items like food stuff,tents, blankets,sanitary items, clothes etc as our small effort of relief to the identified fifty families of people with disability.Thanks to our kind donors and volunteers.Together we can!



  • Today #blindrocks! the team along with Bright star society, reached Naikap, Kathmandu where five families of people with disability, affected by the recent earthquake were supported with food stuffs, blankets, and mosquito nets.
    Among them, one was a fourteen-year-old girl named Puja Nepali.As she can't stand on her own legs and she belongs to a less privileged family that can't afford her medical treatment, she moves by crawling and hasn't gone school till date.
    We are planning to assist in her mobility, education and medical check up as soon as possible.All we could do today was give her some food stuff and our little care that brought a smile on her face.Thanks to our kind donors and volunteers!Together we can!