Interpersonal skill

Many  blind are  excluded or exclude  themselves   from social interactions due to barriers on both sides.For blind, it is lack  of confidence, as many of them have never been accepted equally in a group of peers. For sighted, many are hesitant to bridge the gap because of peculiarities called "blindisms."

People learn through imitation, as society is highly dependent on visual impressions. Because sighted children  learn  naturally through imitation,  supporters and  family members of blind often forget that they do not learn such regular body   movements. By not  being  able to observe,  blind people  often  develop awkward  movements  such as facing the  ground or wall while  talking,  lacking space awareness, poor food management, eye pinching, and head shaking etc. This experience  results in too much self consciousness and fear among blind people that they often exclude themselves or are excluded In a social interactions. 

Thus, Blind Rocks! offers an  interpersonal skill  workshop  to address the issue. The workshop  includes verbal and non verbal communication,  various emotions and  facial expressions, socially acceptable body posture and body language, stage movement, space awareness and elevator pitches.