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Normally, when sighted social workers think of integrating the blind, they only focus on economic development, education, and job integration. While financial independence and a stable occupation are indeed important for the blind, well-wishers often forget and even ignore the importance of opportunities for social interaction. Very Often, interactions don’t happen properly with sighted colleagues due to various misconceptions about blindness. The existing organizations seem to either be unaware of, or ignore, the fact that the lives of many blind people are flat and monotone. The blind are ruled by the do’s and don’ts of society, and have no opportunity for thrilling adventure or fashionable expression. Not many people understand that blind people, like all people, have a right  to experience the various secrets of life.

Therefore we are here with " Blind Rocks! " by which we  urge the blind to polish their inner souls and outer bodies, and claim better and more exciting lives. The colorful mediums of our workshops will brighten the lives of blind participants. They will also do much more: they will break the barriers of marginalization and lack of job opportunities by empowering the blind to live lives without borders. We aim to develop a dignified and happy life for blind and visually impaired people so as to proactively integrate them into the society.