Who we are

Our aim is to empower blind to integrate them  into the society  through our  three innovative workshops. The workshops are tailored according to the interests and needs of the audience no matter their background. The organizations can  choose either one or all 3 sets of the  workshops. We are  interested in  identifying the potential ways to collaborate with the likeminded organizations all around the world and rock together. So let’s rock!

  • The world where blind and sighted are living equally and with full pride.
  • Blind Rocks!  will  offer courses  in the art of daily survival for blind and sighted children, youth and young adults, ages 10 to 30, in collaboration with a network of likeminded organizations all around the world.

Why Blind Rocks!
Through the workshops we offer, we believe that the blind will be rocking in all spheres of life. There will not be any descrimination or limitations between the blind and sighted.For us the participants will be empowered to think of a life beyond limitations and will be rocking.

Social impact
Wouldn't it be nice to see blind people equally  participating in all spheres of life? Wouldn't it be nice to have blind and sighted are interacting freely   without awkwardness, for example dancing together in a party? Wouldn't it be nice to see blind people walking with self confidence, looking very smart with their white canes? And how would the world be if everyone had trust in the abilities of the blind? And if no one was there to say “don't” or “you can't”   to   blind who    wants to take   a risk and undertake   adventures? This is what Blind Rocks! envisions! A world where the blind and the sighted are living equally and with pride. By attending the workshops the blind:
- are able to socially interact with their sighted peers,
- are more self confident
- are enabled to live independently
- are brought out of their comfort zone and trust in their abilities
- are empowered to integrate in the society
- are stimulated in their cognitive, physical and social development.
Never the less the mindset of the community and the perception towards blind will be positively changed.

We seek to collaborate with the like minded organizations from all around the world. If you are interested to rock the blind through our innovative workshops then send us an email on enquiry@blindrocks.org You can even choose either one or all sets of workshops. The host organization is responsible for food and accommodation and travell expense of the facilitator and one resource person. The resources will be mobilized locally.