Blind Rocks

Two people holding each others hands and they are standing on top of other person's hand and Blind Rocks! written in both Braille and sighted alphabets

100 Days Video Marathon Campaign

The Blind Rocks! 100 days video marathon campaign was conceived to challenge stereotyped perceptions and judgements about people with disabilities by showcasing the unique skills, talents and abilities of people with blindness and visual impairment to shine and to lead meaningful, independent lives.

The campaign ran for a period of 100 days, during which time we received many videos of blind people doing different activities, like singing, dancing, doing yoga, playing musical instruments, reading, writing, playing games, storytelling, ramp walking, doing work on laptop and electronic, etc. The videos were published on the Blind Rocks! social handles as well as other platforms and were highly appreciated.

We believe this campaign has helped change perceptions about people with blindness and visual impairments, and has made a positive impact on amongst people in the mainstream society.

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