Blind Rocks

Establishment of Blind Rocks Peer Support Center (BRPSC)

Blind Rocks takes a pride to announce Blind Rocks Peer Support Center (BRPSC) which is one of the dream mission of blind rocks.The mission goal of Blind Rocks is not just to empower blind and visually impaired people but to continue supporting them throughout their life when and where needed.

As a need of it, we thought of establishing a Blind Rocks Peer Support Center where all the blind and visually impaired people who are in need of suggestion or help can enroll themselves to get the guidance from experienced supervisors. This is a kind of network center where they can talk with the experts and get solutions, show paths through their difficulties. Peer Support center will have an Administrator who will act like a mediator between those who are in need of support and those who are willing to help and guide them through.

The center will have several experts (visually impaired or sighted) registered as Peer Support Supervisors who are willing to help and facilitate visually impaired people in achieving their goals. Supervisors as per their expertise will be designated for various field of supervision and guidance like Life Skill Supervisor, Health Care Supervisor, Mental Health Supervisor, Reproductive Health Supervisor, Legal Supervisor, Education Supervisor, Employment Supervisor etc.Experts who are willing to supervise peer groups will also need to express their interest and get registered as Supervisors. Supervisors will also choose the field where they want to supervise. All who wants to be a part of it as a expert (sighted or visually impaired) and as those who wants help ( blind and visually Impaired),You can call BRPSC administrator (9863993198).

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