Blind Rocks

Blind Rocks! beneficiaries and volunteers along with Sristi KC, Hari Budha and Manisha Koirala holding hands forming a circle and dancing

Interactive session with Bollywood star Manisha Koirala and Amputee Adventurer Hari Budha Magar

On May 22nd, an interactive session event was arranged by Blind Rocks. Ms. Manisha Koirala Di was the event’s most notable guest, a legendary actress in Bollywood and an influencer. In addition, we had a very special guest, Mr. Hari Budha Magar Dai, who is a double above-knee amputee. Although he is an amputee, the list of his accomplishments is seemingly unlimited. We were also lucky to have Ms. Neha Sharma Di with us. She is a well-known news anchor for Nepal Television.

When our guests arrived, we blindfolded them and led them through a dance routine, which they afterwards described as both a delightful and challenging experience. This was our way of welcoming them to the mysterious world of the blind. The Blind Rockers showcased their talents and acts and had a networking and interactive session with our guest.

Members of the Blind Rocks were impressed and motivated by the words of Manisha Didi and Hari Dai about how hard work and perseverance are the cornerstones of success, and how being disabled should not be viewed as a stigma, but as an incentive to work hard and maintain one’s concentration in order to pave the way for a successful future.

We at Blind Rocks would like to extend our thanks to our guests for contributing their time, as we recognize the value of their contribution.

Also we would like to thank Mirth Restro & Gallery Cafe for wonderful hospitality and spaces.

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