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Premiere of Another World

Blind Rocks! successfully completed the launch of the 1st audio descriptive inclusive music video with the conjunction of press meet. The event was held at the Q’s cinema, Durbarmarg and the space was fully occupied by celebrities and Vip guests. The main highlights of our event were our guests blind folded and watching the video through their imagination. The sharing of different cultural expressions between the members of the crew of the music video was also one of the most memorable parts of the event. The Tamil song “Passori” was sung by Ms. Geethiya Varman and Ms. Sarada Mohankumar, and MR. Sudev Suresh and Ms. Sristi KC gave an outstanding performance of the dance to accompany the song. Ms.Geethiya and Ms. Saradaalso sang Nepali song “Musu musu hasi” and “Kesari” respectively and left the audience awestruck by their vocals. This performance defied the cultural and language barrier that we are aware of as the members had only a day to practice and still made it through with impressive performance. We would like to thank everyone for their support and love for us. We would like to thank every VIP guest for their review of the music video and future incoming support for audio descriptive music video in Nepal.

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