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Group Photo of Relief Food Package Distribution campaign.

Relief Food Package Distribution Campaign

To alleviate suffering of people who have been pushed into poverty and hardship due to the pandemic, Blind Rocks! has been undertaking relief work particularly in the areas of hunger management.

On July 13, 2020, Blind Rocks! partnered Bright Star Society for the distribution of Relief Food Packages amongst marginalized communities who are struggling to meet their basic needs of 2 meals a day. We are deeply grateful for support received from Mr. Kiran Chandra Raymajhi of Himalayan Apitherapy Science and Academy, which enabled us to distribute relief food packages to 16 blind and disables families.

On 26 August, 2020, Blind Rocks! once partnered Brightstar Society and Janmabhoomi Lions Club to feed 100 persons with disabilities residing in Khagendra Nawa Jiwan through a hunger relief campaign in Jorpati Kathmandu.

On October 28 2020, Blind Rocks! and Bright Star society in collaboration with Nyanopan Organization and Ullens School distributed food packages to 32 families.

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