Activities enhancing social integration

Inclusive Summer/Winter camps

We organize inclusive summer camps for blind and sighted children aged between 12 and 18 years. We organize such camps to make blind children feel that they are also a part of mainstream society. This will help them grow in confidence and a “can do” attitude after participating in new activities during the camp along with sighted children.

This will also help them realize that they are not alone or isolated and that they will be empowered to learn new skills to live with blindness. During the camp, children will share their hobbies and talent with each other, perform arts and crafts together, get involved in games together etc.

Blind Adventures

Research has shown that low expectations tend to foster low achievement. Blind people are seldom encouraged to try out things. Far more they are told that they won’t be able to do this or that. They are often discouraged to do risky or challenging jobs. But don’t blind people have a right to take risks or adventure?
Sighted people often do not think that the blind can find their own limitations and borders.

With our adventurous trips we urge to change the mindset of the people and bring the blind out of their comfort zone. So far, we have been conducting adventurous trips like water rafting, flying with Ultra flight, kayaking, and hiking etc. We choose the activities according to interest and local conditions. We teach techniques and methods to the participants, taking the help from experts related to the field before starting the journey.

From year 2018, we plan to organize adventurous holiday trips where sighted as well as blind people join the activity together like rock climbing, water rafting, kayaking, trekking and hiking. Both these groups will be mutually benefited. Sighted traveler will simply share beautiful world around them by describing in words to a blind partner and in return, their trip will be partly sponsored by Blind Rocks! As a blind traveler, they will be able to book a holiday trip with freedom and independence. They don’t have to bring anyone with them as they will be joining a group of like-minded explorers.

Theatre show

Blind Rocks! will help create a team of blind performers to collaborate with sighted individuals and will encourage them to perform their art together in the theatre. This helps networking between blind and sighted people with similar hobbies and interest. This will thus create future opportunities for blind people. Additionally, this will open the door for social integration.