Sristi KC

Founder / President

Sristi wearing purple forehead jewelry

Striving through life as a visually impaired person gave me the courage and strength to fight for a course that I believe is for me and other visually impaired persons. I am a motivational speaker, dancer and a visionary from Nepal. At age sixteen I lost my eye sight. Initially I struggled to cope with my new situation. I was able to overcome many challenges to lead a life filled with happiness and dignity. Commonly blind people are treated as objects of pity and charity and I seek to empower the blind as I have empowered myself.

What initially was my limitation has now become my springboard and I am ready to rock the blind. With this in mind I started to be involved in an organization ready to help people with disabilities. I also continued with my dance. People who watched me were surprised when they realized that I was blind. Their ovation was a driving force to me. I then performed on various stages in Nepal and abroad. My desire to learn new steps through professional training were, however, shattered when the dancing institutions were not ready to accept a blind dancer. They were at the opinion that blind people cannot follow instructions properly.
I then followed what my heart told me “If you don’t find a way, create one!!”

I decided to teach myself using my imagination. I not only taught myself but soon started teaching other blind people as well through various dance workshops. My passion to empower the blind people to enjoy life like any other sighted person grew. I didn’t want blindness to be synonymous with pity and charity anymore. I started organizing various workshops in Nepal and India and started delivering motivational speeches. The reactions of My participants encouraged me so much that I decided to set up “Blind Rocks!” an organization that will travel around the world to get the blind out of their comfort zones and empower them to be part of life. And I plan even more than dance today: fashion shows with and for the blind inter personal skills, and adventurous tours, such as rock climbing, white water rafting etc.

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