Campaigning for Community Sensitization

We have learnt, from our past experience, that fulfillment of our goal of empowering blind people and integrating them into mainstream society, is not possible unless we work together with our community.

Thus sensitizing our community is one of the most important tasks of Blind Rocks! So that community is ready to join hands with us in this endeavor. We campaign locally and nationally, to prevent avoidable sight loss and empower blind and partially sighted people to advocate for an inclusive society for all.

The community needs to be aware that blind people also have the desire to live like any other normal person. They wish to be independent. They have the desire to earn. They have the desire to look beautiful and be smart and most importantly, they are capable of achieving everything they wish, if they get the moral and social support of family, friends and society.

Blind Rocks! brings awareness to the community through various means like, community motivational speeches, radio and television interviews, community activities and distribution of leaflets and brochures.

Campaigning to influence Government Law and Policy

Apart from a community sensitization program, we also participate in campaigns conducted to influence Government laws and policies made for differently able people. We run disability campaign mainly through talk programs and press conferences, if needed delegation to related ministry under Government of Nepal.