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You can donate us any amount you wish, every penny counts a lot for those who are in need. The money you donate, we use mostly on life changing activities for blind people in Nepal including empowerment workshops, confidence and personality development workshops and many more.

You can either support for any following event in particular or in general. Your small support can make a huge difference in someone’s lives.

Ongoing activities

A blind girl says, “lockdown is a challenging time for everyone, but we are more petrified for the post corona situation as we have always been treated as an isolated and neglected group. This scares me and makes me doubt my ability to cope with the change after corona.”
People with blindness and visual impairment face social corona in their day to day life because of stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes. After a disastrous outbreak, the deprived and neglected groups tend to be more vulnerable. Crises worsen the quality of life for deprived groups and risks are elevated even post crisis. Therefore, it is especially important for us to contemplate and get ready for life after corona. To overcome uncertainty, face future challenges, and integrate into society, we must enhance our confidence to cope with change, be more empowered and proactive, for which the required skills must be imparted.

Major running activities

Inorder to support disability and disadvantage community we have been conducting the following activities:

Audio recorder distribution

Education plays a vital role in anyone’s life and being Blind and Visually impaired person education comes with a challenge, not having enough resources to study. So, to help blind and visually impaired people for better education and not to deprive them from eloquent study we have been distributing audio recorders with 16gb storage. The price per recorder is RS 2000

Blind Date with Blind Rocks!

Blind Date with Blind Rocks! Is especially designed for the benefit of individuals their integration with the blind community and moreover, to uniquely and independently engage blind persons in this workshop. We have been running the “Blind Date with Rocks campaign” for non-disable community, for better inclusion and integration with the disability community. This will be a 2 hours long virtual session run through practical games, riddles, and discussions.
We strongly believe this will be truly beneficial for individual motivation and to raise awareness regarding disability especially about blindness. For each session, we charge Nrs. 10,000.

Inclusive campaign "Motivation through Dance"

This campaign focuses on inspiring individuals and motivating them to lessen the gap of void within them and we do it through motivational activity and dance workshops. We are looking forward to running this campaign both inside and outside the Kathmandu valley in physical space or virtually as per the demand of the current situation. The total estimated budget for each organization is of Rs,7000 which will cover the expenses of logistics, transportation and communication and running this campaign outside the valley will just add on the extra transportation cost.

Our Bank Details are

Account name: Blind Rocks

Account number: 1800099111900011

Bank Name: Machhapuchchhre Bank

Bank Address: Machhapuchchhre Bank, Kaushaltar Bhaktapur, Nepal


Contact Person: Sristi KC

Contact Email: sristi2012[@]iiseconnect[.]org