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The work of Blind Rocks! is based on donations and sponsorship, thus your support is very valuable to us. If you would like to contribute to the work of Blind Rocks!, please let us know through our Contact us page.

We very much appreciate and are grateful to the contributions that you have made for our organization, without which we could not have come so far in our dream journey. Your generosity and support encourages us in doing even better and keeps reminding us about our mission.

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We value our partners and members.

We believe that success and growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of team work, partnership and collaboration. Like-minded individuals and organisation partnering together can generate the collective spirit, strength and voices for the better and indiscriminate society. 

As of our vision and mission, we have a dream to create a barrier free society where blind people can live their life without any social boundaries and restrictions. This can only happen if we succeed to get our community join hand with us in this mission. Thus, we have opened an opportunity for the public to join us through membership which will also automatically help us in fundraising. We have set various levels of memberships type for inclusiveness. So that more people can join us staying within their means. Our members will have their voice in order to take Blind Rocks! towards its mission. 

Our Organisational Partners

Bright Star Society

We conduct many of our programs and events in collaboration with Bright Star Society (BSS) as many of our goals are similar. We also know that there is no point in duplicating the effort while we can achieve better by working together.

Bright Star Society (BSS) is a voluntarily-organized group of like-minded individuals united to create and foster the spirit of inclusive societies through the integration of people with and without disabilities in a main-stream society.

Bright Star Society conducts various proactive programs, campaigns and initiatives to empower the marginalized, economically-disadvantaged and under-privileged people with disabilities, children and women.

Our Corporate Partners

Multi Graphic Press Pvt. Ltd.

The logo of Multi Graphic Press Private LimitedWe are thankful to Multi Graphic Press Pvt. Ltd. for agreeing to become our Corporate Partner and helping us in the mission.

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