Blind Rocks

Listen, Look, and Learn – The Sound of Inclusion!

We launched a new inclusive talking video library for blind and dead individuals which will allow access to an inclusive experience, where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy audio-visual content together. Our new project Listen, Look, and Learn – The Sound of Inclusion!  will bring Visual Media Accessibility to the forefront for our inclusivity and accessibility step.


This initiative aims to provide every blind and deaf individual worldwide the opportunity to access the right to information, entertainment, gain insights, and  at the same time equally  contribute to the collective perspective of the world around us.


We embarked on our incredible journey of creating Visual Media Accessiblet in 2021. Our very first project “Another World”  was an english music video which was a collaboration between the artists of Canada, India and Nepal. After we produced our first talking video we were motivated to create accessible content of our own. “Blind Rocks” stands as the first nepali music video which features a complete team of artists who are blind and visually impaired including the roles such  as songwriting, composition, arrangement, singing, acting, and more.This talking video library will be available in our Blind Rocks! official youtube channel.





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