Group Photo. after successfully conducting Motivation Through Dance Campaign with Kathmandu Traffic Police at SingaDarbar.

Inclusive Campaign “Motivation Through Dance”

The challenges of 2020 has been extremely hard on people particularly with the isolations, lockdowns and loss of jobs. To support the emotional wellbeing of youth during these stressful times, Blind Rocks and MMSD Nepal together ran a ‘Motivation Through Dance’ campaign comprising of powerful motivational session, stress management training and many more positive action …

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Two people holding each others hands and they are standing on top of other person's hand and Blind Rocks! written in both Braille and sighted alphabets

100 Days Video Marathon Campaign

The Blind Rocks! 100 days video marathon campaign was conceived to challenge stereotyped perceptions and judgements about people with disabilities by showcasing the unique skills, talents and abilities of people with blindness and visual impairment to shine and to lead meaningful, independent lives. The campaign ran for a period of 100 days, during which time …

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