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"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision" - Hellen Keller Today (June 27) is Hellen Keller's Day, on this occasion we are going to conduct a room on Clubhouse, today at sharp 3:00 pm.

Helen Keller’s Day 2021

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” – Hellen Keller

In the occasion of the Helen Keller’s Day on June-27, 2021 we conducted a room in the clubhouse. We had discussed “Story and Learning from Helen Keller”, and it was a very productive session. Many participants shared their insights regarding disability and lessons from Helen Keller’s life. Here are some glimpsed of the discussion.

  • If we identify and encourage the ability of disabled persons we can produce a personality like Helen Keller within our country.
  • The responsibility and love of family should be equal toward their children even they are disabled or not. We have to create an equal atmosphere of support and guidance to disabled children as others and help them to achieve their goals. For that Helen’s Story and many other disabled inspirational figures will help us to believe in them and change our perspective.
  • June 27 is not only Helen Keller day it is also her mentor Anne Sullivan day who had always there with Helen to encourage her, helped her to focus on goals, and build self-confidence. She was the one who selflessly supports Helen throughout her entire journey. As like that teacher’s support would be the most essential necessity for disabled students. The student-centered teaching approach should be applied to guide disabled students. The teacher should have to conscious about how they can drive disabled students on the same path as other students. One should understand that teaching a disabled student is not hard, all you need is to change their perspective and the teaching approach.
  • We used to read the story of Helen Keller and her mentor Anne Sullivan in our school and college but it is also equally necessary for policymakers to know their life story so that they can be conscious about disability and change their perspective. That will definitely help them to make policy disability-oriented.

Besides these, there are many insights from our audience. That 2 hours session really helped us to change our attitude towards disability. Finally thank you so much to everybody who was with us and shared their valuable words. We are planning to conduct such kind of room on the clubhouse in the coming days. Stay tuned with us to utilize your free time in such productive ways.

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