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The Grand Finale poster of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rocker Season 3

The Grand Finale of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rocker Season 3

On August 22, 2021, we successfully conducted The Grand Finale of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rocker Season 3. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the event was conducted semi-virtually, the Judges, a few guests, and team members of Blind Rocks were at Hotel Aloft’s venue, and our contestants were connected through Zoom video conferencing platform.

Mr. and Ms. Blind Rocker is a yearly event where every season we select 20 participants out of around 100+ applications from all over Nepal. Therefore, till date 40 blind and visually impaired participants have had a direct impact on their confidence, personality development, image management, and communication skills. Most importantly we have been also able to convey positive messages in society regarding disability. This year we have 21 contestants [10 male and 11 female] selected from different places of Nepal like Kailali, Achham, Bake, Illam, Jhapa, etc.

Blind Rocks is extremely proud of Ms. Sami Lawati and Mr. Kiran Dahal the winners of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rockers Season 3. 

Here is the winner’s name list of this grand event.
Mr. Blind Rocker: Kiran Dahal (Contestant No.14)
Ms. Blind Rocker Sami Lawati (Contestant No. 9)
Mr. Blind Rocker First Runner Up Bam Bahadur BK (Contestant 12)
Ms. Blind Rocker First Runner Up Shruti Rana Magar (Contestant 03)
Mr. Blind Rocker Second Runner up Kushal Neupane (Contestant 10)
Ms. Blind Rocker Second Runner up Rojina Pokhrel (Contestant No. 15)

Best Talent: Dipendra Bikram Adhikary
Best Smile: Swasti Poudel
Most Popular: Dimpal Karki
Most Intellectual: Manisha Giri
Most Active: Ajita Devkota
Most Discipline: Ashish Poudel
Most Confident: Mansingh Bista

We had also conducted the Rocker of the year award which is a project pitch competition under Mr. and Ms. Blind Rocker. This year “Empower Yourself to Empower others” is the main theme of the competition, and won by Group D (Rojina Pokhrel, Dhristika Shrestha, Saroj BK, Kiran Dahal and Ajita Devkota). The winners’ project was related to mental health counseling for blind and visually impaired children.

 In the judge panel, We had Media Personality Ms. Malvika Subba, Fashion Choreographer/Actor Mr. Prashant Tamrakar, and Disability Right Activist Dr. Birendra Raj Pokhrel. We had Miss Grand Nepal Urussa Joshi as our main mentor/coach in this entire journey and as a host in the grand finale event.

We would like to take moment to thank all of our sponsors, supporters and volunteers without which this journey would not have been possible

Title Sponsor By Higher Ground-Kathmandu, Nepal
Hospitality Partner: Hotel Aloft Kathmandu, Thamel
Wardrobe Partner: Shrestha Tailoring Centre and Muku Wear
Makeup Partner: New Creation Nepal
Gift Hamper: Hobb Creation Industries and Dhuku: handmade collective
Media Partner: Rupa Media PVT. LTD
Zoom Supporter: Sushil Adhikary

Other Supporters:
Beam Lab Pvt. Ltd.
Mukesh N Friends
Dr. Dinesh Lal Shrestha
Jyoti KC
Mr. Rajesh Khadka

Finally, Big congratulations 🎉 to all the winners. Also, we are grateful to all our participants for breaking their own boundaries and participated in this competition.

September 02, 2021, The Feedback session

Here are some words of experiences shared by our contestant regarding the session

  • “We don’t even have the idea that we gonna be trained by famous personalities and celebrities. We were taught essential skills that would come in handy for a lifetime. Earlier I could not express my thoughts and ideas to others but now I can say it fearlessly and without any hesitation.”, – Shruti Rana Magar
  • “It was my first program outside my student life. And I am feeling so lucky that I had learned lifetime useful skills taught by my role models.” -Manisha Giri
  • “It will be our great achievement if we can use all those skills in our life. It has changed our entire lifestyle. I want this program to last longer and continue to empower people.” – Nischal Shiwakoti
  • “I am so happy that we had completed this journey virtually. I had learned so much and now I feel more confident than ever before. So much so that I’m going to give the welcome speech at the school program. I hope that such programs keep happening, we get encouragement and we keep connecting like this.” – Dimpal Karki
  • “It boosted my confidence and now I am much more aware of gesture posture and my personality than before.” -Ashish Poudel
  • “In a short time I have learned many things which I never thought about, like how to introduce ourselves, communication skills, personality tips, gesture posture, the power of dreams, about our existence and energy, etc. It had covered every aspect of knowledge that we should be aware of. And one of the great things which I realize is that this program challenges the misconception of society that visually impaired people need physical touch to learn anything. We have presented an example on the society by successfully completing such a program virtually online.” – Sami Lawati
  • “This journey was wonderful. But I am a little dissatisfied as I am feeling that I would have been able to learn more effectively if this program had been conducted physically. As feedback, I would like to say that in the next season we could see new faces from different parts of the country and there will more direct beneficiaries.” – Kushal Neupane
  • “In the beginning, I was so skeptical about conducting such a program online. But now I realize that I was totally wrong. I am so thankful to Urussa Joshi Didi for encouraging us and making this event possible. I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn such powerful training with Urusa Didi and my idols. And one of the valuable things that I could learn through this journey is punctuality and time management. Hats off to the entire team.” – Ajita Devkota
  • “Initially I was so afraid about how I will deal with the technical problem because the program was virtual and I am from Acham (Poor District of Nepal). Now I can’t even imagine we did it, the topic like photography, we actually learned virtually. I am so glad that I was able to win Mr. Blind Rocker 1st runner-up title. After winning this title, 10 public representatives of my village congratulated me. Not only that, they proposed to me to start sharing my knowledge with others in my village and they promised to help me and to provide any resources I need to do so. This is how this program impacted my life and my village.” – Bam Bahadur
  • “This event totally changed my life even my family told me that my personality and my way of speaking have changed after this training.” – Kiran Dahal
  • “One of the great things that I have learned from this training is the importance of patience and the power of dreams which I would not forget in my entire life.” – Rojina Pokhrel
  • “It was such a powerful phenomenon that I’m still wondering what would have happened if it weren’t virtual. If that was the case it would be outstanding.” -Dipendra Adhikary
  • “The journey of Mr. and Ms. Blind Rocker was very entertaining, we got a chance to connect with many friends. I would like to involve in more projects of Blind Rocks.” – Dristika Shrestha
  • “I would like to thank all the trainers for cooperating with us. The program was really visually impaired-friendly. Teaching the mobility and gesture posture skills to the visually impaired through virtual is unreal. Hats off to the Urussa Didi and the team.” -Topraj Simkhada
  • “As we did many projects physically but after this program, it also came to know this project and teamwork can also be done virtually.” -Binita Satar
  • “Through this program, I got a chance to know about the power of voice and opening up ourselves. Consequently, now I can be more open up than previous myself.” – Rashila Dewan
  • “This event has made me feel very proud that I am visually impaired because if I was not there I would never have got a chance to participate in such an event.” – Mansingh Bista

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