Blind Rocks

Flyer design of "Create your own style at the fashion hub with Ms. Priyanka Rani Joshi" program.

Virtual Make-Up and Fashion Training

On 13-14 May, 2021 We successfully conducted 2 days of virtual makeup and fashion training program “Create your own style at the Fashion Hub, with Priyanka Rani Joshi” with around 25 blind and visually impaired girls. Where they learned about current fashion trends, fundamental knowledge of outfits and shopping, personal style identification, color combination, basics of makeup and skincare, and many more information about fashion inclusivity.

The session was indeed very informative, helpful, and practical. So, we would like to thank the facilitator Ms. Priyanka Rani Joshi (Wellness Enthusiast, Model) for her time, effort, and for sharing her incredible knowledge with us.

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