Blind Rocks

2 months Long Dance and Drama class

2 months long dance and drama class was successfully conducted where 20 visually impaired individuals participated actively to get trained for skills of dance and theatre. There were 10 participants for drama class and 10 for dance class each.

Due to very enthusiastic trainers, we were able to achieve notable difference among the participants in terms of confidence, mobility, flexibility and expressions. The dance class was coordinated by Mr. Shekhar Gharti while the drama class was coordinated by Mr. Prabesh K.C.

“I was not expecting these amazing changing in myself, these sort of programs are rarely conducted” mentioned one participant. Eventually participants even performed their final performances in the closing ceremony event. The drama titled, “Ma sanga ko ma” and two cultural performances were performed during the event where there was presence of 130 individuals belonging to various sectors.

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