Blind Rocks

8 days long interpersonal skills training (Aadarsha Secondary School, Lyaku)

Change is inevitable and we stand to change the mindset with confidence and skills.

Blind Rocks! has successfully conducted 8 days long, Interpersonal Skills Training at Adarsha Secondary School.12 blind and visually impaired students learnt about body language, gestures, eye contact, emotions and voice modulations. Along with that an excursion visit was done to make these students face the real world and enhance the capacity to interact with them.

Facilitator Ms. Sristi KC. and Ms. Amita Khadka trained the students while volunteers Pooja Thakur, Priya Rauniyar and Roshan Kayastha aided by. Similarly, Mr. Washim Ansari graced the last day being judge for speech contest that was held and volunteers Mr. Mohammad Samir and Mr. Aarush Thapa aided during the excursion day. We continued making a change.

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