Blind Rocks

A group photo showing participants of Rock Climbing Event

Inclusive Rock Climbing Event (7th Jan 2023)

We did it!
Every time you courageously want to take a step forward, the paths in life make you encounter new extremes. More challenges you plan on taking, more courage you build, which eventually makes your life worth living for.
“The First ever Inclusive Rock Climbing” event conducted by Blind Rocks! was that same step we were yearning for. An event with an impact crucial enough to give a push on the journey of life for our participants, both visually impaired and sighted in a fun adventurous way, holding hands, moving forward to have the shift on perception of “I can’t” to “I can”.
From the start of the journey to the end, one step and another, it marked this surreal feeling which wouldn’t have been there in the first place, have we been in our comfort zone. The falls and slips in the journey, the hands held together to move forward, the path testing our potential neither we looked back nor we held back.
We fought, we fought with courage, with our might on proving, we are better than what we were. We fought for that feeling of achievement and we fought to experience of life time, cause what’s life worth living if we don’t except challenges.
With each step taken forward, it made us more resilient, more courageous, by the top whether we reached or not made us realize, this is life, and we won’t stop till we experience it to the fullest.
Guffy Monkey team was supporting us on experiencing this adventure in utmost faith along with Abilis Foundation. Navina Gyawali, Blind Chef provided us with delicious breakfast. The event also had medical team (Junu Shrestha, Soni Shah and Jayashree Yadav) present to foresee any medical needs.

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