Blind Rocks

The picture shows Sristi KC experiencing paragliding in the hearts of mountain in pokhara, Nepal

And then we finally flew in the sky.

With the message of winding to new heights and reaching to successful realms and heights, nothing will stop you, not even disability. The thoughts matters, yours and mines, ours. 12 of us, 9 visually impaired and 3 sighted (one individual from USA and another friend from Austria) did paragliding in Pokhara from Mandredhunga.

Feeling the breeze, touching the clouds, captivating the beauty of Pokhara through our hearts and exploring the inner ability. We all were beyond happy, the courage heightened up, the memories of greater achievement for oneself stays while setting up a path for inclusive adventure and tourism.

This was a historical event for Blind Rocks that paved the way for a lot of new adventurers too.

We cannot thank enough, Mayor of Pokhara, Mr. Dhan Raj Acharya for his presence, encouragement and support throughout the journey. Nepal Airsports Association for the collaboration, where outstanding pilot catered through the journey on professional level. Lions Club of Pokhara Chautari, Dipendra Shrestha for Media Coordination and Mr. Mohan Babu Khadka sir for coordination through the journey.

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