Blind Rocks

Two people holding each others hands and they are standing on top of other person's hand and Blind Rocks! written in both Braille and sighted alphabets

Developing mindset for social entrepreneurship

We successfully completed our 4-weekly series of strategy planning and design thinking webinars on “Social Entrepreneurship”.
Higher Ground Leadership & Coaching Academy conducted Social Entrepreneurship training for members of Blind Rocks!
This training was faciliated by Bimala Shrestha Pokherel the founder and CEO of Higer Ground and mentored by Mukti Suvedi certified John Maxwell Coach, social entrepreneur and Founder/CEO, Higher Ground Nepal. Furthermore, we get to connect with Rishikesh Tiwari and learn from his life experience where he is one of the Asokha fellow, great social entrepreneur and author himself.
We would like to express a deepest gratitude to our mentor Mukti and higher ground team for opening up this opportunity and taking time and energy to help and support us broaden our knowledge regarding social entrepreneurship.
The whole program was very insightful and helped us understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and inspired us to find new ways to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.
We were all connected virtually via ZOOM.
Regards for your wonderful theoretical yet practical learning.

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