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Emotional healing program

Blind Rocks! organized two days emotional healing program where 21 participants got opportunity to explore this session which was run by the spiritual guru Rajesh Khadka along with the help of Swastika Shrestha on
December 21st and 22nd.
We are truly grateful for their support and techniques they shared that will undoubtedly help us deal with all type of good and bad emotions we face in day to day life.
During this session participants learned about the meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), exercise to imbibe, induce positive energy and quenched all the queries related to spirituality.
This interactive session has brought and will continue to bring positive change among us, helping us relief stress and enjoy life to our utter extent.
This program however wouldn’t have been possible without Rajesh Khadka and Swastika Shrestha and we Blind Rocks! are very appreciative of their time, effort and support.

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