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Nepali New Year 2079: Blind Rocks! beneficiaries on stage

Nepali New Year 2079

On the occasion of Nepali New Year 2079, the Blind Rocks! team showcased their talents at Durbarmarg Street Festival organized by FNCCI. The festival started off with an opening song performance by Blind Rocker Samjhana Rijal. It was followed by an energetic dance performance by Sristi KC, Choreographer Suman Sagar Jung KC and team. A rocking music performance by Sudhan Tandukar reinvigorated the audience and had them banging their heads to the music. A short speech by Sristi KC on ‘Why we should promote domestic tourism’ reinforced the festival’s theme of reviving domestic tourism in Nepal. The event was definitely a success and the Blind Rocks! team outdid themselves once again.  

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